10 Hacks To Keep Your Skin Ageless!!!

Best 10 Hacks:- If you have reached the age of 25 then it is prime time to take care of your facial skin. Otherwise, soon you will start facing the repercussion of growing age on your face. Aging is an inevitable process and similarly the aging signs. However, it has been scientifically proven that by following some healthy tips and natural ingredients you can combat aging signs. Today the environment is full of dust, pollution and impurities that make our skin dull and appearance of aging-signs faster. Here are some do’s and don’ts that you must follow to avoid aging-signs for longer.

  1. Use sunscreen cream every day: Today ultraviolet rays are the main reason behind damage to our skin. With using a sunscreen cream you can protect your skin from getting damaged as well as from premature-aging. You should always go for an organic sunscreen that also enriched with antioxidants, peptides, etc. Apply sunscreen cream to your face, neck and other exposed area with a gentle massage. Apply a sunscreen cream 30 minutes before going outside. While selecting a sunscreen cream always focus on broad-spectrum UV coverage – SPF 30 or higher – on a daily basis.

  1. Protect your face with natural remedies: Our mother nature consist of various natural remedies that protect our skin from various damage and keep skin ageless. Some of the natural oil such as olive oil, coconut oil, etc consists of antioxidant properties that keep your skin ageless. Additionally, try mast of natural ingredients such as banana, egg, yogurt, etc. Look for some other ingredients that suitable for your skin types.
  1. Never forget to clean your face: As we live in an environment surrounded with lots of impurities so, never forget to clean your face. Try to clean your face twice a day. For this must use a cleanser and then after toned to reduce skin pores. Regular cleaning does not allow dust and impurities hamper your skin.

  1. Keep your skin moisturized: Moisturization of skin is very much important. As good moisture maximizes the production of collagen that keeps our skin hydrated. Dry skin leads to more production of dead cells that ultimately produce wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots. So, always use a natural moisturizer enriched with antioxidants, retinoids, peptides, etc. It keeps your skin soft and supple.
  1. Take proper sleep: Taking proper sleep and sleep on time is the perfect way to keep your skin looking younger. Scientifically, our facial skin rejuvenates and relax from 12 o’clock in the night to 4 am. So, it is very much necessary that you should always go early to your bed and never compromise with your sleep. Additionally, 6-8 hours of sleep revitalizes your facial skin as well as keeps the skin around eyes vibrant.

  1. Use skin care products that contain alpha-hydroxy acids and retinoids – Use only those products which have retinoids and alpha-hydroxy as its main ingredients. These ingredients are mainly responsible for making your skin look younger.
  1. Use a limited number of products – inflammation and irritation on your skin can make it dull and unhealthy. Some of the skin care products can be rough on your sensitive skin. Anti-aging face creams and serums are likely to cause inflammation on your skin. So, using too many chemical-based products can irritate your skin surface. Better than keep on experimenting every product on your skin, you should settle down on one, which suits you more.
  1. Sleep on your back – If you sleep on one side or on your stomach on a regular basis, then you press your skin into the pillow for long. This causes wrinkles and creased lines on your face when you wake up the next morning. So, you should sleep on your back in order to avoid such pressure on your facial skin.

  1. Develop the habit of taking care of your skin – Prevention is always better than cure. So, follow a healthy skin routine right from a younger age.
  1. Wear Sunglasses – The skin below your eyes is quite sensitive and thin. This area is very much prone to get adversely affected by the UV radiation. Thinning, baggy or sagging skin around the eyes can make you look older. So, whenever, you go out in the sun, do not forget to wear the sunglasses in order to protect the skin around your eyes. This will help you look younger and healthier. According to various skin specialists, some of the essential elements required for maintaining a youthful skin are – a moisturizer, sunscreen, a toner, a gentle cleanser, antioxidants in order to fight the free radicals and the retinoids.

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